Krist Novoselic needs some Rock Band practice

On a recent trip to the mall, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic spotted a Rock Band demo and decided to give it a whirl. He chose the Nirvana tune “In Bloom”, a song he’s played hundreds of times in the studio and on stage. But Rock Band’s controller and format stumped the bassist.

As Novoselic put it, “I knew the bass line to the song, of course, but I couldn’t quite master this new, different way of playing it. The game reminded me of Space Invaders. I tried to hit the notes cascading down the screen, but could barely keep up.”

The funniest part is that a kid was watching him, obviously unaware who was giving the song a go. Novoselic admitted to becoming self-conscious and handed the controller to the kid, who proceeded to nail the song.

Novoselic said he really does love Rock Band and adds, “instead of file sharing, people are actually buying music again! HA!!!”


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