TC Looking for “Test-Pilots” of New RebelHead450 Bass Head

After decades of producing revolutionary music electronics, TC Electronic debuted its entry into the bass amp market at the 2009 NAMM show in Los Angeles. Says Uffe Kjems Hansen, head of TC Electronics’ instrument amp section, and bass player since the early 80s: “I’ve always loved bass so much, so when opportunity knocked and we got a chance to do RebelHead, the team and I made sure it would mean a new dawn for bass players, combining all their wishes and desires, sound and feature wise.”

The RebelHead450 behaves like a tube amp with 450 watts of power. Traditional tone controls combine with modern studio-quality per-string compression and an on-board tuner to create a practical, durable amp that’s as good in the studio as it is on the road. But for all its versatility, it doesn’t sacrifice sound quality.

The company is calling their new amp Bass Amp 2.0. The amp includes three on-board user memories, so you can swap sounds, instruments—even players—mid-gig. An auto-sensing PSU means you can play safely in any country without worrying about switching fuses. The rehearsal input socket lets you to plug in other audio sources so you can play whatever you like to practice to, and a recording output connection, with a 96kHz direct to digital connection, makes the RebelHead450 perfect for the recording studio.

“We built this amp with a combination of our extensive and proven TC technology,” says Hansen, “and simply listening to bass players of every level, from world class session players to the hard working, amateur club circuit bassist.”

More Options

RebelStack Cabinets

Traditional 4 x 10 cabinets always create the same problem when playing live: place them on the floor, and you get great bottom end, but pitch recognition suffers. Place them on a stand, you get just the opposite. RebelStack210’s solution? A vertical 4-driver stacking system that gives you both great sound and great pitch, all in a light, portable system. Learn more at the RebelStack page on TC’s website.

RebelControl Remote

Also check out the optional RebelControl remote control system. This floor controller, powered from the amp, offers a tuner indicator, three preset foot buttons to change the three user memories, and a mute button. For more info, check the RebelControl page.

Get a free test run!

The Test Pilot program is TC Electronic’s way to get the amps out into the music world,”to prove their worth.” If you’re a professional musician or teacher, and you’re “among the chosen ones,” they’re offering a full stack for what looks to be a truly hassle-free three-month test run.

You’ll get a 450w bass amp, plus two cabinets of your choice. “We need you to give it a serious test on the road, in the studio, at rehearsals, lessons, clinics—the works. All we ask in return is that you share your impression of RebelHead450 wherever you usually discuss the intricacies of bass playing.”

They’ll drop everything off, and pick it up again at the end of the three-months.

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