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New Van Halen album on hold until Wolfgang graduates

Wolfgang “Wolfie” Van Halen, son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, has big career plans, but they’re going to have to wait until he graduates high school.

The teenage prodigy took a break from 11th grade to join dad’s band (when he was only 15) on their 2007 tour. He proved to be such a great fit, Eddie wanted to rush right into the studio after the tour. But eventually Van Halen realized it would be best to allow his son to graduate first, expected this year.

Van Halen Sr. officially announced back in 2006 that Wolfie would replace bassist Michael Anthony. Dad has good reason to be impatient. “The thing is, he already has a profession and a career that he’s successful, talented and gifted at.” Eddie has material for a new album ready to record, and plans to call David Lee Roth in on the project, too. “Just a few weeks ago I almost yanked him out of school,” admits Sr., “But I do want him to graduate.”

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