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The Freakish Approach: Claypool on His New Album, Upcoming Tour

In a recent interview with The Daily Aztec, Primus bassist Les Claypool shares what we can expect to hear from him soon. His latest album, Of Fungi and Foe will be released March 17.

Claypool described this venture as “kind of dark and creepy” and “a little more moody than some of the stuff I’ve done in the past.” Should we be surprised by this departure from Claypool’s “norm”? Probably not. “I’ve wanted to go in this direction for a while as far as very visible, dark percussion.” One thing we can always expect from Claypool is — the unexpected.

Claypool is also bringing to fruition another project he’s been wanting to do “for a while.” On March 4 The Oddity Faire will land in San Diego on the first of 18 stops for Claypool and friends. Think Coney Island gone mad.

“It’s a little mutated mini-fest,” explains Claypool, “where basically, we’ve gathered some like-minded individuals who have a more irregular, if not freakish approach.” And to sum it all up: “It will definitely be a freak show.” We wouldn’t expect anything less, Les.

Check out the full interview at The Daily Aztec.

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