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Gettin’ cinematic with Carlos D

Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler, a.k.a. Carlos D, has made a film exploring “the unstable nature of fame and the incredible cost of celebrity.”

Dengler stars in and co-produced My Friends Told Me About You, composed an all-original score for the 26-minute film. The production was “a chance to explore the narrative potential of sound and spectacle.” Dengler wanted to “achieve the expression of film as a composition, a tone poem of carefully selected cinematic effects and gestures.”

MFTMAY will appear as a video installation at Anonymous Gallery in NYC from April 17th through May 5th. Also look for the film this Spring in McSweeney’s Wholphin DVD Volume #8, a quarterly magazine of short films.

More about the film, including the trailer:

Listen to the score:

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