Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Re-Released

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities (B.L.U.E.), a group including bassist Tony Levin, Bill Bruford on drums, David Torn on guitar and Chris Botti on trumpet, formed after recording Torn’s 1987 Cloud About Mercury release.

B.L.U.E.’s 1999 release, Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, out of print for some time, is being re-released today.

Here’s about the only video you’ll find of the group, from a 1998 webcast of B.L.U.E.’s House of Blues in Cobalt Canyons:

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Track List:

  1. Cerulean Sea
  2. Interlude
  3. Original Sin – Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Tony Levin
  4. Etude Revisited
  5. Palace of Pearls (On a Blade of Grass)
  6. Interlude
  7. Fin de Siecle
  8. Drumbass
  9. Cracking the Midnight Glass
  10. Torn Drumbass
  11. Thick With Thin Air
  12. Cobalt Canyons
  13. Interlude
  14. Deeper Blue
  15. Presidents Day

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