No Treble Sticker Giveaway

notreble-stickerWe just had a bunch of no treble stickers made up, and we’re giving them away!

All you need to do is send a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address:

No Treble Sticker
P.O. Box 321
Winchester, VA 22604-0321

Be sure to include postage or we won’t be able to mail them!

If you live outside the U.S. and can’t get U.S. postage (or don’t want to do the SASE thing), you can order stickers from us instead.

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  1. Jean Dersrumaux


  2. Lathon Bass Wear

    I'd love a sticker! I'm gonna send a envelope out to you.

    bass fo' life
    Lathon Bass Wear

  3. Shovelbone

    How many can we get?

  4. We send one per request, so we have enough for everyone. How many do you need?

  5. We send one per request, so we have enough for everyone. How many do you need?

  6. Creeperdash

    Do you need to put a stamp in the envelope for the postage or what?

  7. gonx

    what if I live outside the US?

  8. Yep. Mail us a stamped envelope with your address on it.

  9. It should work the same way. As long as you have the right postage on the return envelope, we'll mail it back to you.

  10. 7waysback

    I'd love to get two (one for my bass another for my gig bag).

  11. R Sartain

    Hey guy's,I'm thrilled with this site.It's great that we bass player's have one for us..I was wondering if you can get more than one sticker since I have 5 guitar's ?? If not one will do..Thank You..R.S.


  12. zac

    hey guys would you post to new zealand

  13. zac

    hey guys would you post to new zealand

  14. Edansmommy

    are your supplies lasting? i'd like a sticker but i wanted to make sure they're still available before i send you my sase…


  15. Yep! We still have some left, and we'll print more if we run out.

  16. Luke

    I’d love one on my bass, and one on the school’s electric upright. Heck, maybe one on my guitar, for shits and giggles :p

  17. How large is the sticker?

  18. Ed Comeau

    Too lazy to mail an envelope but would gladdly pay for 5 stickers plus shipping and handling. You should get a credit card or PayPal site going!

  19. Hope you still got some of those. It will make a nice accent on my Band Van

  20. Woo hoo! I got envelopes in the mail. Can’t wait to slap on a sticker of a slappin’ bass organization! Love you guys!

  21. joe4stringer

    Envelopes on the way!! Me want sticker! Slappa da bass!

  22. Daniel DiPaola

    Are there any stickers left?

  23. Very cool…I’m going to put it on my Volvo wagon when I get it. This is very cool… thank you very much!

    Terri J (aka Commander Khatru of the Starship Prog)

  24. I’ll be sending an envelope this week!

    Mike aka Sonicrog

  25. Kyle R.

    The check…err…sase, is in the mail…now for the tough decision….where to put such a prized piece!!!
    Thanks Guys!

  26. Ed Needham

    Any stickers left?

  27. Steve Williams

    I will include a stamped, self adress envelope for each of the five stickers I would like. My other 14 basses will have to be envious! Thanks and please keep up the great work!


  28. tom

    send it or two my pal a gulf war/Iraq vet is a basist at the va hosp. thx, would mean alot.

  29. Wilf

    Do you post’em to outside the US?

  30. got to have one of these stickers

  31. Israel Cedeno Jr

    I can’t wait to have a few of them to show off on my Basses and my gear….!

  32. Can you send stickers to Spain?

  33. Bassbox4

    Hi thanks for the offer.

  34. Mad

    are there still stickers available?

  35. How do you do this? Im so confused

    • Mail us a self-addressed, stamped envelope to us, and we’ll mail you a sticker back in the envelope you send us.

  36. Dsmith

    wat do we gotta do?

  37. Brando

    u still got stickers?

  38. C’mon guys open up an online store and sell stickers and shirts with the logo! You guys are missing out on some serious cashola!

  39. Francors

    you send out US?, if i say i live in Chile

  40. Jeep Jockey

    Words to live by:

    “There’s no such thing as TOO MUCH BASS”

  41. Bass4Life

    Hey!Could you send a sticker to greece?

  42. Carlos Has Apples

    Are these still available?

  43. wesley G

    are the stickers still avalible?

  44. SteadyEddie

    I still don’t get it, i’m in europe and i don’t know how to send “STAMPED” envelope since stamps here won’t work there??!!!!

  45. vakkus

    I’d love a sticker, and I’m gonna send an envelope, but i’d also love a t-shirt.Do you sell it?

  46. John

    I would love some stickers but I don’t know how much postage etc. would be and what to do to get it to the UK. Could you please advise because I would really like one for my bass.


  47. Mandarine Man

    Hi! Do you still ship those free stickers?
    I am in France, and I wonder how I can send to you a self-addressed stamped envelope, which could come back from US to France (I don’t think I can buy US stamps in France).

  48. Fill F.

    Hey guys!
    Any stickers left? If so, I live in the UK and I’m not too sure, I need to send you guys a self addressed stamped envelope, is that all?


  49. Gilles Lenfant

    Hi No treble team,

    I’d like to have the sticker on my scooter but I live in France, and having US stamps here is somehow difficult. And what’s the size of envelope?

    Many thanks by advance for any hint…

  50. paolastro

    Hi guys,

    I’ve the same problem… I’m in Italy and I can’t buy US stamps. What can I do?

  51. Jon Bradham

    Just sent my envelope(s) out. I would like four if you could?

  52. Greg

    Is there a limit to the number of stickers? I want one for my case, and one for my rig.

  53. Hey guys,
    I’d love a sticker!
    But i guess french stamps won’t work. any solutions?

  54. Is it just one sticker per envelope or could I get like 5 stickers? I have a lot of gear that need to be tagged.

  55. Olly Paisey

    hey guys i live in the uk how can i get some stickers for my classic mini and my bass cases etc etc do i just need to send you an envelope with my adress on? no US stamps??



  56. Luke S

    Hey, I live in the UK, so I can’t get hold of a US stamp.. any advice?

  57. Max Remspecher

    Hey Guys, i live in Germany, what do I have to do to get two of those fine stickers?

  58. Be sure to include postage? How much

  59. Hallo;Bass form Belgium;No Treble Sticker.

  60. What size envelope?

  61. My address is 1515 Linden Dr. Denton TX, 76201. How bold is it to ask for a shirt and a sticker? I wear an XL. You guys ROCK!

    • Sorry, Kurt. No can do. Happy to send you a sticker if you send us an envelope though. BTW, I used to live in Denton (in Bruce Hall for a year, then off campus). Are you a student there?

    • Corey Brown , Hi Corey, yeah, I am in my fourth semester in the Masters Program in Jazz Studies. I will try and get you guys an Envelope in the mail this week! I really did not expect you to send me anything without an self addresses envelope. LOL..My wife and daughter were not happy with me putting our address out there like I did! OOPS!!…. Yes, I see Bruce Hall everyday. It’s alive and well with students! Thanks for the reply!

  62. you guys still running this offer?

  63. is the sticker offer still good? I see it was back in january but how’s bout now?

  64. does this offer still stand?

  65. Just sent one in! Can’t wait!

  66. awesome, in the mail tomorrow for my daughter!

  67. I want 1. I’m from Poland;-).

  68. Got mine in the mail today!

  69. I live just north of you in MD and will be mailing out a request ASAP.

  70. Do you guys still have stickers available? I’ve gotten one already and it SOOOOOOO kewl. If you do have them available do I need to send an envelope for each sticker..I need more than one if available?

  71. raymond seto

    I just came upon this webpage. Are you guys still giving away stickers?