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Dave Marks Solo Bass: Message in a Bottle

Check out bassist Dave Marks, taking a solo break during a Carl Palmer Band concert.

We really like the loops he put together, almost as much as the soloing.

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Simply awesome…….Lot of effect works…:) I like the last 45 seconds a lot! :D

Will Cardinal

Will Cardinal

So guitar players, you don’t need to play every solo! Some of us bass guys can take our share!!



what kind of bass is that?

Cliff H

Cliff H

Great cover with a bit of flare added in. Love the loop work especially. Very clean and very tight.

      The Katman

      I only spent 10 years in the professional music business: 1974-1984. I played bass in the English progressive band Curved Air along drummer Stewart Copeland. I was an L.A. session player for years. I owned a recording studio and video production studio. I managed several acts that went national. If you Google me at Phillip Kohn bass, you will get a glimpse of my accomplishments. Besides, being “known” doesn’t necessarily make you a fine player. Most great players don’t make it. But are still superb players. Making it in the pro music biz is a rough go.