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Blink 182 Mark Hoppus Q&A

Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus has been interviewed by the Los Vegas Sun, to talk about the the 52-date tour scheduled to kick off this week, and their new album project. You may remember that we covered Blink 182’s announcement to reunite in March.

The venues for Blink 182 tour have been selling out quickly. Hopper’s view on the huge response is delighted and surprised: “It’s really humbling and amazing the response that the tour is getting right now. We had no idea. To have these shows sell out and sell out so quickly is really phenomenal and we’re kind of blown away by it all… Obviously, there’s a lot of… not pressure… but we really want to put on the best shows that we possibly can, and having these shows be as huge and sold out as they are ups the ante. I just want to get out there and get into the routine of playing shows a week into it so it feels comfortable, rather than this thing that has been out there for the past five years. There’s no way we can live up to people’s expectations.”

You can get complete tour date information on Blink 182’s events page.

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