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Player Watch: Alberto Rigoni

Alberto RigoniSomething Different, released February 15th 2008 by bassist Alberto Rigoni, should be on your list of albums to check out.

This album lives up to its title, moving between bass centered ballads, rock grooves, heavy metal mixed with fusion and experimental music. Something Different delivers a unique sonic journey.

Guest guitar players Tommy Ermolli and Daniele Gottardo are also featured on the CD.

Something Different track list:

1. The Factory
2. Trying To Forget
3. Glory Of Life
4. SMS
5. BASSex
6. One Moment Before
7. Roller Coaster
8. Desert Break
9. Jammin’ On Vocal Drums
10. Sweet Tears

Preview and download Something Different:

Rigoni is a very technically proficient player, many of the tracks feature bass loops where he lays down a groove and solos on top of it along with drums and other instrumentation. He shows off a Jaco-style harmonic integration in the songs (such as “SMS), a flair for techno-style grooves (“The Factory”) and beautiful melodies (“Sweet Tears”).

You can learn more about Something Different and Rigoni at his web site.

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Nice tone and good ideas. Liked to hear more – Joel



Nice tone and good ideas. Like to hear more – Joel