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Gear Watch: Skjold Damian Erskine Signature Series Bass announced

Our own Damian Erskine has been quietly working with Pete Skjold for over a year on his own signature bass, and now the details are out.

Damian was looking for a 6-string model, though the bass will be highly customizable and available in 4,5,6,7,”whatever” string configurations. Other features of the bass:

  • Extremely deep cutaway for 100% un-hindered access to the upper register
  • Over-wound pickups for a deep and rich tone
  • Brand-new pickup mold design to incorporate the finger ramp into the pickup design (2 pickups in one pickup mold so ramp players will have a completely unified and comfortable setup)
  • East pre-amps for complete tonal flexability, very stable design and neck for action as low as you want it.

Enjoy a few pics:

Skjold Damian Erskine Signature Series Bass: Front

Skjold Damian Erskine Signature Series Bass back

Skjold Damian Erskine Signature Series Bass - head stock

Check out Skjold Design and Damian’s web site for more info.

Congrats, Damian. This bass is stunning!

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