Goatika and Tony Levin: LEVITATION

Goatika Lab – comprised of Tony Levin on bass, Artem Yakushenko on electric violin and mandolin, Sergey Klevenski on winds, Boris Nazarov on percussion programming and special effects, Pavel Mikhailuk on didgeridoo and vocals, Jagannat on tabla, Evgenia Tedjetova on vocals and Jovis Bubrowski on didgeridoo – performed live at the Moscow B2 Club in 2007.

This video captures one of the songs from the LEVITATION Program.

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Share your thoughts

  1. Couldn't quite tell, Tony being as tall as he is, is that one of the double basses or the bass-cello?

  2. It's 'just' an electric upright fivestring bass! :-)

  3. It's 'just' an electric upright fivestring bass! :-)