Ray’s Raving About… Twitter

TwitterThis week’s rave is all about the social networking site, Twitter.

For musicians “networking” has always played a big part in our lives. It helps us share information, ideas and hopefully get’s us gigs (lol).

I have to say I’m really impressed with the bass community as a whole and one look at a site like Twitter shows how we all (or most of us) really support and encourage each other.

The internet has provided us with another form of connecting with each other and Twitter in particular is one of my favorites. It’s text based, micro-blogging helps keep thing short and to the point.

I love being able to see and hear what my bass player friends are up too and also to connect with new players as well. I definitely encourage you to try it if you have not joined us “tweeters”. I was skeptical at first and thought, “really? ANOTHER social networking site?”

But now I’m hooked.

Need more incentive? Below is a list of a few of the bass players active on Twitter:

Damian Erskine: @damianerskine
Evan Marien: @evanmarien
Janek Gwizdala: @janekgwizdala
Doug Johns: @dougjohnsbass
Steve Jenkins: @sjbassplayer
Bryan Beller: @bryanbeller
Mark Peric: @p_rok

Send me a tweet (@zon5)!

Editor’s note: Post your Twitter username in the comments, so we can find you too!

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  1. Hey, my name on twitter is my name: tonyoppenheim.

    You can find me on FaceBook too.


  2. John Thomas

    I'm John Thomas, and my Twitter user name is @Nailholes.

    And, I, too, am on facebook. :-)

    – John

  3. The bass players do indeed seem active on Twitter. ;-)

  4. johngoldsby

    . . . and me @johngoldsby !