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Ray Riendeau

Ray RiendeauRay Riendeau is a highly sought after bassist whose versatile style and dedication to the instrument has earned him world tours and many major CD recording projects. His musical expertise and knowledge of the instrument keeps him busy as a composer, teacher, clinician and a touring / recording artist.

Ray is endorsed by ZON Basses , Aguilar Amplification, Accugroove Cabinets, NAMBA gear, and MONO cases.

In recent years Ray has been concentrating on his endeavors as a soloist and with his various projects in Jazz, fusion, funk & electronica. Currently in the works are 2 new CD projects, an instructional/performance book/CD/DVD for Alfred Publishing and a growing roster of bass events, clinics & festivals.

As a clinician, Ray has performed and demonstrated his concepts to students throughout the United States & Europe at events such as Bass Day – LA, The 2009 Arizona Bass Players Festival with jazz great John Clayton, The National Guitar Summer Workshop, The San Francisco Bass Weekend, The School of Bass in AZ, 3 Mile High Bass Camps with (1) Chuck Rainey, (2) Damian Erskine and (3) with Doug Johns, Bass Day New York 2001 which also featured Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Matt Garrison, Mike Pope and Christian McBride. As a part of the ZON Ultimate Bass Concert in Berkley CA, Ray performed with Michael Manring, Todd Johnson and Damian Erskine.

Articles by Ray Riendeau:

  • Ray’s raving about… Gary Willis

    I would be remiss to get to do a column where the great people at No Treble let me “rave” about anything I want to not write about one of my all time favorite bass players, Gary Willis. Since first hearing Gary with Tribal Tech years ago I was an instant fan. He is a... »

  • Ray’s raving about… Evan Marien’s “Between Worlds”

    One of my current favorite bass players to hit the scene is Evan Marien. Voted one of 2009’s “Most Exciting Players” in July issue of Bass Player magazine, Evan has already accomplished a lot at age 23. A recent graduate of the Berklee College Of Music, Evan has already worked with some amazing musicians such... »

  • Ray’s raving about… Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

    Secret Society is an all-star 18-piece big band led by composer Darcy James Argue. This is not the usual music you think of when you hear the words “big band”. Darcy mixes minimalism, contemporary classical, indie rock and jazz styles. The music has great complexity and beauty and I really enjoy all the musical styles... »

  • Ray’s Raving About… Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery”

    Ray’s Raving About… Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery”

    Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner is a book I never keep far from my reach and I recommend to EVERYONE. The subtitle to this book is “Liberating The Master Musician Within”. Although the applications of this book could benefit to any profession it is so refreshing to have something like this written by a musicians... »

  • Ray’s raving about… Konnakol

    Konnakol is the comprehensive language of rhythm which allows the composition, performance or communication of rhythms in any style. Konnakol uses syllables that are aimed at optimizing vocal performance and allow you to create seemingly endless amounts rhythms. Konnakol is something I’ve studied for many years now. Whereas Western music puts more emphasis on harmony,... »

  • Ray’s raving about… Eldar Djangirov and his newest CD

    Eldar Djangirov’s CD, Virtue, has been spinning in my car for weeks now. I unfortunately had never heard of Eldar until reading a review about this new CD and when I checked it out I was instantly a fan. At first I was drawn by his amazing technique and angular lines but the deeper I... »

  • Ray’s Raving About… NPR Music

    I am a big fan of talk radio and I especially like the programs on NPR (National Public Radio). In this “rave” I wanted to spotlight the music section on the NPR web site. NPR Music has so many cool things to offer including concerts, studio session, interviews, reviews, etc. There is something for everyone... »

  • Ray’s Raving About… Modal & Contemporary Patterns

    As a player/teacher I have collected many books over the years, in fact I have two big bins in my garage full of various music books of all kinds. There are a hand full of books though that I find myself coming back to time and time again for reading studies, concepts and inspiration. One... »

  • Ray’s Raving About… Twitter

    This week’s rave is all about the social networking site, Twitter. For musicians “networking” has always played a big part in our lives. It helps us share information, ideas and hopefully get’s us gigs (lol). I have to say I’m really impressed with the bass community as a whole and one look at a site... »

  • Ray’s raving about: Nat Janoff’s “Looking Through”, with Matthew Garrison

    Matt Garrison is one of my favorite bass players… EVER. I was fortunate enough to share the bill with him at a 2001 NYC Bass Day and was blown away with his playing and became a fan for life. Matt is one of those players that has created his own unique voice on the instrument... »