Adam Clayton gets big props as U2 kicks off U.S. tour

U2 concert stage

U2 just kicked off their first stadium tour in the USA on September 13th since 1997 (the end of the Popmart Tour). Their other tours since have been confined to arenas, but now U2 has broken out with the biggest concert stage ever built. The band’s US debut was at Soldier Field in Chicago, as a continuation of their 360-degree tour.

Jim Fusilli, of the Wall Street Journal, reported the following account of bassist Adam Clayton, comparing his playing to that of John Entwistle:

“On this gorgeous late-summer evening, the first four tunes came from ‘No Line on the Horizon,’ released in February, and by the time the quartet finished a thrilling ‘Magnificent,’ a motif had been established: Though by no means abandoning his characteristic chiming arpeggios, the Edge would build on the techniques he explored on the album, issuing roaring power chords that freed bassist Adam Clayton to exploit the midrange. In ‘Get on Your Boots,’ the Edge and Mr. Clayton played a riff in unison, the bassist flicking four fingers of his right hand on the strings, à la the Who’s John Entwistle. Meanwhile, Larry Mullen Jr., a master of space in his percussion, alternated patterns on the toms and high hat, his kick drum locked in with Mr. Clayton. When the Edge completed a slide solo in ‘Magnificent,’ the guitarist returned to heavy chording and Mr. Clayton again filled the midrange. ‘The magnificent Adam Clayton,’ Bono said as the song ended, paying tribute to the most tastefully inventive bassist in rock.”

The tour will continue through October ending in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can check out more, including photos of the insane “space-ship” stage, at U2’s official web site.

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