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Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton online chat event

Tom HamiltonAero Force One will be hosting an online chat with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton on October 7th at 7pm (Eastern Standard Time). This is an AF1 Exclusive where you can ask anything you want to Hamilton in the chat session.

Hamilton recently wrote a “Checking In” post to let his fans know what’s going on in his life. He covers his latest listening, which is “whatever I happen to be working on at the moment… I hear tons of cool stuff all the time without necessarily checking out who’s doing it,” and the latest live shows he’s been checking out, he makes specific mention of seeing Kings of Leon and U2. You might remember that we covered U2’s space claw stage, Hamilton also took notice: “the thing that got my jaw to drop was their production. It was on a scale that nobody’s ever done and possibly never will again… good performance by everyone on the band.”

He closes off promising more shows and then a return to “album mode” for Aerosmith, looks like there will be more to look forward to from the band in the future.

Get in on the live chat and ask him yourself!

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