Pete Wentz gets head shaved by Mark Hoppus on tour

At the performance in Madison Square Garden, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz had his head shaved by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. The head shaving was allegedly payment from Wentz to do anything to be on tour with Blink.

Wentz has described how big of an influence Blink has had on him: “Ever since I heard Dude Ranch I knew I wanted to meet Blink-182. They basically were saying and doing everything I wanted to, only in smarter and funnier ways. To have the chance to join them on tour has always been a dream for our band. We thought we probably would never have the chance. It’s good for music that Blink-182 is making noise again. I’m really happy to be able to see it from such a close point of view.”

The fan reactions have been everything from laughing to crying… it seems that Wentz’s locks were a big issue for some people. Wentz himself has taken it in stride, describing himself on twitter as being more aerodynamic and this this was “the death of the emo haircut.”

Check out the video:

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