Gear Watch: Wal Basses is back

wal-bassAfter a time of uncertainty, Wal Basses is back in action, keeping their tried and true detail oriented approach to bass building and great tone. The company is once again accepting orders.

Luthier Paul Herman, from Electric Wood, is now on board and is creating the instruments. Wal Basses and Electric Wood both began in England and were founded by Ian Waller and Pete Stevens in 1974.

The instruments were a great combination of an electronics genius (Waller) and master luthier (Stevens). Waller passed away in 1988 and Stevens continued the business until 2007, when health problems kept him from personally building the basses. In 2008 Herman started filling back orders and doing repairs until Oct 5th of 2009 when new orders started to be accepted.

You can check out the Wal bass site for details on ordering and seeing their available bass line.

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