Wal Basses Database Revived for 2021

Wal Bass

If you’re intrigued by Wal Basses, then you’ll be spending some extra time on the internet today. Dutch “Walnut” Tony Tabasco has revived the Wal reference database initially created by Stephan Kueler.

While the official Wal Basses website has some history and current models, the database attempts to detail every instrument the company ever built with details on specs, style, owners, and more.

“While production has always been manual labor and a Wal is made to customer specification, availability has never been abundant and nowadays a waiting period of two to three years after ordering is not uncommon,” Tabasco points out. “Initially set up by Stephan Kueler, this database is publicly accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty and splendor of these wonderful instruments. But beware – there is always the danger of being caught by the Wal virus, so you won’t rest until you can call a Wal yours.”

Wal Basses was started by Ian Waller in the early ‘70s and continued by Pete Stevens after Waller’s passing. Today, Paul Herman continues the tradition in Cobham, Surrey, UK. Wal Basses have been played by many famous bassists ranging from John Entwistle to Jonas Helborg to Geddy Lee.

Check out the database to dig deeper into Wal’s history.

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  1. Sam

    I just took delivery of a brand new MK1 that took some 3 years to get to me… Paul was AMAZING during the whole process…. we customized it to my taste… I own some amazing bass guitars from Alembic, Fender (Master Built), Warwick (Master Built), Spector USA, and have owned other great bass guitars in the past and this truly is the first among equals… the precision of this instrument is beyond description… the price and wait were MORE than worth it.. I am having such a hard time putting it down.. I made this video on YouTube of it’s unboxing, and there are some sound samples in the footer of the YouTube video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-u0cjMRHKg