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Metamesmeric: a new release from Gustaf Fjelstrom (and it’s free!)

Gustaf Fjelstrom: MetamesmericBassist Gustaf Fjelstrom released his new album Metamesmeric which is now available for free download.

Metamesmeric lives up to its name, bringing very atmospheric looping bass music to the stage. Fjelstrom uses an NS Design Bass Cello, some simple processing, and a Looperlative LP-1.

Fjelstrom was previously playing with the band Maximum Indifference, who released two albums: The Transmutations of Supposed Angels: or Beings That Were Once Girls and Maximum Indifference. More recently, Fjelstrom performed at the Y2K9 Looping Festival.

The track list for Metamesmeric includes:

1. Cloudlift
2. Breach
3. Scent of Embers
4. Through Faint Reflections Pass
5. Signify
6. Vaporous Restraint
7. As Shards Descend
8. Oathtake
9. Loki
10. With Regret Withdrawn

Check out more on Fjelstrom at his web site or follow him on Twitter.

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