Kompoz launches online music collaboration

KompozKompoz is a music collaboration network innovating the way we work on music. They’ve recently launched a new online publishing feature allowing musicians to self-publish completed collaboration projects and retain all rights to the original work. In other words, you can launch a collaboration project on Kompoz, work with other musicians to develop the song (think of all those twitter friends!) and publish the complete work with customized licensing options for use in commercial projects (such as film and TV).

Founder Ral Fiol explains a little more: “Each musician that contributed to a completed collaboration is able to ‘vote’ on the licensing structure, and each shares equally in any royalties earned. It’s totally self-managed by the musicians.”

An artist can choose to extend the Creative Commons license attached to each song by offering the song for commercial use. With Kompoz you’ll get an auto-generated PDF license agreement included both pricing options and usage defined by the musicians. With the Creative Commons license a musician gets the protection they need when sharing their work for personal-use to listeners, now they can also have a commercial-use agreement to monetize their work.

Check it out at Kompoz.com.

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