John Paul Jones speaks on “Them Crooked Vultures”

Them Crooked VulturesWith all of the talk and glimpses of the soon-to-be-released album from Them Crooked Vultures, fans have been itching to find any information possible. Recently, John Paul Jones has spoken with Nova 919 about numerous topics ranging from what the album sounds like, to what it was like working with other musicians of such great caliber.

Jones mentions that in a usual tour setting, the audience knows the album already. They have had time to learn the music, memorize the lyrics, and develop a connection with ideas and songs that they have come to favor. But with this new group the traditional idea of CD releases and touring have been reversed, feeding the audience with new, fresh ideas.

“Touring’s been fantastic considering nobody really knows – apart from a few camera phone renditions on YouTube – what we’re doing,” Jones shares. “It’s 90 minutes now and it’s all new stuff. To have an audience just stand there and listen, and take it all in – it’s just amazing. They’re reacting really, really well and it’s new for them because normally they would have heard the record first and know the lyrics. It’s a new experience which they look like they’re enjoying and they sound like they’re enjoying, certainly.”

Jones also talks about how he ended up with the group, saying that he loves, and is proud of his background in Led Zeppelin, but feels at home again with this new band.

“It’s pretty damn good. I’m obviously very proud of the Zeppelin legacy and I’m hoping I’m keeping the spirit alive with this band. Led Zeppelin was the best band in the world – until this one came along. I always try to be in the best band in the world, I promise myself.”

Jones goes on to note how playing with a group as seasoned in the music industry as they are is a wonderful thing, and that in such an environment making music can be a very natural, and unrestrained process; how playing with these members lets the music be all about “the music” and not about sales or marketing. This allows for the music to be more natural, and for the band to really play what they want and enjoy. He goes on to speak about how the music sounds.

“It rocks… What can I tell you? When people ask what it sounds like, it sounds like me playing bass and Dave playing drums and Josh singing and playing guitar. It’s very obvious. It’s just us — it’s straight-ahead, it’s very honest and it really rocks. It’s multi-layered and sounds fantastic. We love it. We play it and we’re like ‘Wow, this is really good.’”

The album will be released by Sony Music on Tuesday, November 17th, in the U.S. The band is also issuing the album on 180 gram vinyl (with MP3 files included).

Preview and download Them Crooked Vultures:

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