Yves Carbonne: A Life

Yves Carbonne: A LifeYves Carbonne has just released A Life, his second solo effort. The album features a special guest appearance by Marcus Miller, along with Guillaume Eyango, Denis Adande-Menest, Laurent Maur, Roger Biwandu, Antony Breyer, Tami Hamilton, and Myriam Kante.

A Life is the follow up to Carbonne’s first album, Seven Waves.

Carbonne’s musical career started when he was 7 years old, studying classical piano. At 13, he started playing both upright and electric bass, eventually studying with Alain Caron and Dominique DiPiazza. Today, Carbonne plays the 10- and 12-string fretless sub-basses.

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A Life complete track list:

1. Self Made Believer
2. A Life
3. Wink
4. New Love
5. Permanent Dream
6. Personal Warming
7. Interlude
8. Evening In New York
9. Fired
10. Inside Colors
11. Remember Me

For more, visit Carbonne’s web site and his MySpace page.

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