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Yves Carbonne Archives

Bass of the Week

Bass of the Week: Nico Dayet Quintessence

Yves Carbonne has a unique playing style that warrants some unique instruments. This week, we’re taking a look at his new Quintessence, which is a six-string fretless acoustic built by luthier Nico Dayet.

Bass of the Week

Bass of the Week: Letts Basses Yves Carbonne Signature 2-String Bass

Many people know bassist Yves Carbonne for his incredible playing on extended range instruments with up to 12 strings. Most can enjoy the music, but some can’t get past the number of strings on his bass. After musing online about the merits of how many strings a bass should have, Carbonne teamed up with luthier Jon Letts to create the...

New Albums

Alberto Rigoni Releases “Rebirth”

Bassist Alberto Rigoni has released his second solo album, Rebirth, on Nightmare Records. The 9-track set sees Rigoni flexing his compositional muscles with compelling tunes that range from ambient grooves to full-on prog-rock jams. Rigoni, who is also a member of Twinspirits and Lady & The Bass, enlisted the help of fellow bassists Michael Manring and Yves Carbonne on a...

New Albums

Yves Carbonne: A Life

Yves Carbonne has just released A Life, his second solo effort. The album features a special guest appearance by Marcus Miller, along with Guillaume Eyango, Denis Adande-Menest, Laurent Maur, Roger Biwandu, Antony Breyer, Tami Hamilton, and Myriam Kante. A Life is the follow up to Carbonne’s first album, Seven Waves. Carbonne’s musical career started when he was 7 years old,...