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Victor Wooten announces 2010 music camps

Victor Wooten Bass and Music campsBassist Victor Wooten has posted new dates for his popular music camps in 2010. Here’s the complete 2010 line-up:

Victor Wooten’s Bass/Nature Camp: April 13-18, 2010
Classes alternate between indoor and outdoor settings with each student rotating between specialized instructors, getting a balanced and fun dose of Nature and Musical information. This will help show the relationship between the two. The student will be involved in group exercises and lectures as well as individual instruction. Classes are designed to allow the student to ask questions as well as join in on the teaching.

Theory Week-End: May 1-2, 2010
Music theory is a valuable tool that can enhance any musician’s awareness, understanding, and ability, but is often taught in a way that is complicated and confusing. Participants will be divided into one of three groups – beginning, intermediate, or advanced – and will spend the weekend with qualified instructors geared toward simplifying and helping each student gain a complete understanding of all of the information given while also pushing the student further. This class is perfect for both players and teachers.

Victor Wooten’s Music/Nature Camp: June 1-6, 2010
Following the true-and-tested model of Victor Wooten’s Bass/Nature Camp, Music/Nature will provide the same unique experiences to ALL musicians. Students will spend time with qualified music instructors catering to your specific instrument as well as time spent in ensemble classes. Our experienced nature staff will provide exercises and activities designed to heighten the student’s sensitivity and awareness – providing all with an educational, enjoyable, and unforgettable week.

Wooten Woods Retreat Open House & 3-Week Residency Orientation: July 17-18, 2010
This weekend is open for any parent/guardian (or anyone for that matter) that would like to visit Wooten Woods and see what the place is all about. If you are sending your child or spouse to the 3-week in-residence camp, here’s your chance to check out our place. Also, if you are attending the 3-week in-residence camp, you can use this weekend as an opportunity to arrive early, get situated, relax, and prepare for your exciting adventure.

Victor Wooten’s Bass/Nature Camp, 3-Week Residency: July 19 – Aug 9, 2010
Although the students at Bass/Nature Camp are given hundreds of techniques, theories, and tools, the information is meant to be written down and taken home for further exploration and practice. There just isn’t adequate time during the week to get good at most of it. At B/NC – 3 week Residence, the goal will be for each student to become proficient at ALL of the information given.

Wing Chun Week-End: August 14-15, 2010
Join Wing Chun expert Sifu Brian Edwards for a special weekend of Wing Chun Kung Fu instruction and knowledge. For many of you that have attended a previous camp and witnessed Sifu in action, here’s the chance you have been asking for. Learn more concepts, techniques, exercises, and more. Sifu is only offering this special class to past campers, and it will only happen if enough people show interest.

Victor Wooten’s Camp Jam: Sept. 25-26, 2010
A key element to Victor Wooten’s rapid musical development as a youngster was directly related to him having numerous people to jam with. On many occasions, Victor would get off the school bus and walk directly into to his garage where his brothers would be jamming with other local musicians. During the summer, these jams would literally last all day. Victor aims to recreate this experience by offering the Jam Weekend. Come join Victor and his friends and Jam – ALL DAY!

For more information and to enroll, check out Victor’s Bass/Nature Camp web site.

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