Reader Spotlight: Lizz Chisholm (aka Double-Z)

Lizz Chisholm aka Double-ZMeet Lizz Chisholm, better known as Double-Z.

Double-Z is not only our bassist in the spotlight for the week of February 2nd, 2010, she’s also listed as one of Marcus Miller‘s influences.


I’ve been a world class bass player, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist for 40 years now. I’m the 1st hip-hop bass player, from touring with Grand Master, Melle Mel and the Furious Five. Other tours include: Al B. Sure, D-Train, Kid Creole and the CoConuts, Natalie Cole, Zhane,and Eugene Wilde.

I’ve had to singles released on Warner Bros Records and was a staff writer for Warner Chapllel Music, and released a CD on Quincy Jones’ label “QWest” in 1992 entitled In Z Mood, which is still selling around the globe.


Forest Hills, New York, USA

Day gig:

I write music for TV and Film, including cues for EXTRA,TMZ, music for the Bachelor, and the CW Now. I have a song in a new Danny Devito movie called “Housebroken”, due to be released soon! I also have a new CD out right now with my band of 30 years ago called “The Jack Sass Band” on

Years experience:

40 years!

Bands & Gigs:

Gig all the time and as I said I write for TV and Film. Do clinics, etc.


I’ve endorsed Spector basses for over 20 years now. I love them! I also endorse Hartke Systems (for over 20 years). I love them too! I endorse ESP guitars, 48th Street Custom Guitars, and Dean Markley strings.

Why I play the bass:

No one did it, or does it like me.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

In Queens I was one of the very first female bass players to emerge on the scene, kickin’ ass! I was the very first live Hip-Hop bass player… EVER!!!

I toured with GrandMaster, Melle Mell and the Furious Five, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow and Dr.Jeckle and Mr Hyde (who is now Andre Herelle)!!!

In Queens NY, I’m known as a living legend (lol)! Marcus Miller use to come see me play before he played bass. We’re still old friends! He listed me as a “influence from the hood” on his “Sun Don’t Cry” CD! And of course, my CD In Z Mood!!! Lot’s of cool bass tracks on there! A Bass Player Magazine issue from 1993 tells the story.

My influences

Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Yosi Fine, James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, and I use to dig Chris Squire of Yes. I love my friend Marcus Miller!

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  1. etay

    she's alittle cocky but um k.

  2. tony allen

    She CAN be!!!

  3. larrymerriwerather

    I'm glad to have known and worked with you for many years. I have always placed you in the top bass players I have known. Keep up the good work. Congrats!
    Your friend and brother in music,
    Larry Merriweather

  4. vicsta

    Dang , she's awfully cockey! However, Once you know where she came from and hard she works, how extremly talented and creative she is…well…She ain't cockey enuff! Luv ya ZZ!

  5. Tell it like it BE Z. Tho it when you know it. It`s all good girl. Up here in Canada we say ain`t worried about ego or head, play me the Funk “FUNK ON DOUBLE ZED”

  6. Like Jaco said… It ain't bragging if you can back it up! She's the real deal!

  7. 1DoubleZ

    Thank you so much for your comment,my friend!I wasn't even trying to be cocky just telling the truth(lol)!I appreciate your vibe!!!Here in NY, you have to be a little cocky just to get by, or you really get lost in the sauce! I learned that a long time ago!!!Now, I'm too old for egos,just forgein' ahead!If I were a guy, no one woulda said s–t!(hahahah!!!

  8. 1DoubleZ

    Thanks for that my friend!Much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 1DoubleZ

    Aw,dang, thanks sweetie! You KNOW where I'm coming from!!!

  10. 1DoubleZ


  11. cobway

    I remember you from the Pied Piper Foundation Days when your neighbor Mr.Tennyson introduced me to majesty of who you've become, Double ZZ. Over the past years when we've had the pleasure to share a stage, It's always been an extreme event. If they think you're cocky… Screw-em Just tell them go but the record and shut up! :-) Peace

  12. Ole buddy Lynne

    I love ya! I think you are a kick ass bass player and buddy!

    :) Lynne

  13. Ole buddy Lynne

    I love ya! I think you are a kick ass bass player and buddy!

    :) Lynne