Mark Egan announces new CD: Truth Be Told

Mark Egan: Truth Be ToldMark Egan has a new band and a new CD project, Truth Be Told. The band includes long-time Egan colleagues Bill Evans (sax), Mitch Forman (keys) and Roger Squitero (percussion), with Vinnie Colaiuta joining the group on drums.

Egan, known for his fretless bass work, dating back to his time with the Pat Metheny Group (1977-1980), says the groove-oriented new album represents another aspect of his playing.

“Before I joined the Pat Metheny Group I was playing mostly R&B in New York – both live in clubs as well as in the studio,” he recalls. “When I first came to New York I was the original bass player in the 24th Street Band, which was a progressive groove playing band with Steve Jordan on drums, Hiram Bullock on guitar and Clifford Carter on keyboards. I wasn’t focused on playing fretless bass at the time and was heavily influenced by groups such as Weather Report, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, The Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Stuff and everything that was happening in the mid ’70s on the New York Scene. I had a strong foundation in Jazz, R&B and funk from my playing experiences in Miami as well as from studying and playing with Jaco Pastorius. He introduced me to great groove bass players like Bernard Odum of the James Brown band and Maceo and the Kings Men, Bootsy Collins with James Brown and James Jamerson who was the bassist for most of the classic Motown recordings. These influences are an important part of my background, though some listeners wouldn’t know it since my previous solo recordings focus more on the lyrical and melodic side of my playing.”

Egan says that having Colaiuta on the project added extra motivation for the album focusing on funk and fusion.

“I wanted to record more groove-oriented music with a progressive edge. I wrote with him in mind, creating some rhythmic vamps at the end of certain pieces that Vinnie could really stretch over. And he just killed it!”

Truth Be Told will release on March 16, 2010, and is available for pre-order.

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