Railroad Earth recruits Andrew Altman

Andrew AltmanEarly last month, we reported on bassist Johnny Grubb’s departure from the popular jam band Railroad Earth. The band has recently filled the vacant bass position with Andrew Altman, formerly of the Codetalkers.

RRE posted a message on their site saying, “He initially made an impression on the band when The Codetalkers opened for Railroad Earth in North Carolina a couple of years back. When he heard about the opening in RRE, he reached out immediately, drove from Atlanta to New Jersey with his upright bass, and simply killed it with the band!”

Railroad Earth will soon be releasing a digital package entitled Railroad Earth Retrospective: 2001-2009, featuring Grubb on bass. The bundle includes 20 high quality live soundboard concert recordings of unreleased RRE shows, 30 minutes of unseen RRE footage, and downloadable art.

Railroad Earth will begin performing again starting February 26 in Bayshore, NY.

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