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Rewind: The Week’s Most Popular Features

Here are the top 10 most popular features on No Treble last week, as determined by you, our faithful readers (and favorite people).

1. Gear Watch: Fender Introduces New American Deluxe Series Basses
Fender has updated all three basses in their line of American Deluxe series.

2. Video: Michael Manring: Sugar
Check out this great video of Michael Manring playing his solo bass arrangement of Stanley Turrentine’s song “Sugar”.

3. Player Spotlight: Maurizio Rolli
Maurizio Rolli, from Pescara, Italy, is our bassist in the spotlight for this week.

4. Ask Damian Erskine: How to Play with a Drummer
Damian answers a question from Preston Dickens, who asked: “I’m a self-taught woodshedder and am about to start playing with a live band at a church. Having never played with a live drummer, what advice can you offer?”

5. Contest: Ansir Bass Giveaway Winner Announced
The winner of the Ansir Bravura bass giveaway on No Treble was announced. Congrats to Paul Bendig!

6. The Lowdown with Dr. D.: EFX Questions for Upright Bass
Recently, Dr. D. got a series of questions from a upright bass player in Norway regarding amplification of the double bass and the use of electronic effects (EFX). Since he gets these sorts of questions often, he thought he would print some of his thoughts here as part of the lowdown.

7. Player News: RIP John Ciambotti
We’re sad to report that John Ciambotti, bass player for the band Clover, passed away last week at the age of 67 from an abdominal aneurysm.

8. Video: Bassmanwho: The Second Market
Flemming writes, “One of the great things about Youtube is that it makes discovering music and musicians from all over the world very easy.” Bassmanwho is one of those great finds.

9. Lesson: Scale Patterns from Tetrachord Combinations
In this lesson Evan helps us explore the concept of tetrachords (a collection of four notes), and how they change the way we look at scales.

10. Player News: Duff McKagan Officially Working with Jane’s Addiction
Rumors of Duff McKagan’s involvement with Jane’s Addiction have finally been confirmed by guitarist Dave Navarro through his Twitter account.