Tony Levin’s BassCam: Sledgehammer

Here’s Tony Levin giving us a unique perspective of a Peter Gabriel concert in Lima, Peru. I love Tony’s background vocal appearance.

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  1. Fantastic! Tony is such a great player, a personal favorite – and so is Peter Gabriel. Tony’s sense of humour only adds up to his beeing a great musician.

  2. That was really cool. Tony Levin is one of my favorite players. He’s a wonderful talent and an inspiration!

  3. W. J. Jones

    I certainly don’t need to tell everyone how great a player Tony is, but his little vocal cameo shows how nice, funny, kind and humble he is as well. I had the pleasure of meeting and spending a little time with him on the StickMen tour last summer and he is just a great man in every aspect.

  4. Tony’s a great musician and a hell of a guy too! I had the honor & pleasure of meeting Tony a couple of times. Just an awesome guy!

    • Hey Bubba, Michael Rutherford here, we were talking about the 5 neck guitar Rick Neilson had, I had seen the 2 opposing necks that Steve Via had and it IS awesome, He’s one of my personal favorites anyway. And a guy named Michael Angelo did that too. But 5 necks might just be pushing it a little, and then again, maybe not, if you can work something up and do it. But my goodness can you imagine the weight, and I think castors is a good idea, except for when you’re playing it, nothing to be done there. But ya’ know if a guy was creative enough, he could probably come up with some different tunings for all those necks and maybe let them ring out while you would maybe play one or two necks as a melody line and or harmonies. I know for sure if we had one we’d figure something cool out, wouldn’t we, not letting anything about the instrument go to waste. Are you a guitarist Bubba? If so what kind of thing do you do. Forgive me, for I’m just bored and yakkin’ here.

  5. funny you mention that Michael, Steve Vai does a solo with his three neck guitar, and does exactly what you suggest.

    I suppose it comes down to flexibility, dexterity, chops, and imagination.
    I do think the five neck guitar is more for show than practical application though.

    From what I’ve heard, it’s quite heavy. I saw it (the five neck Hamer) in the Dangerous Curves exhibit some years ago.