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Jason Newsted’s Art to Be Exhibited in Gallery

Jason NewstedEver wonder what Jason Newsted has been up to lately? After leaving Metallica in 2001, the bassist has worked on various projects including EchoBrain and Voivod, but a shoulder injury in late 2006 brought about a new artistic outlet: painting.

In a recent interview with Dunlop, Newsted explained that while he could not play he began to create visual art and now will have his own exhibition at the Micaela Gallery in San Francisco.

Jason Newsted paintingOn the gallery’s web site, Newsted proclaims, “With the title of most decorated heavy metal bass guitarist of all time intact, my purpose has shifted from making crazy and colorful music, to making crazy and colorful paintings… It is time for me to climb the next mountain, retaining purity by way of genuine expression in creating art as my quest.”

Jason Newsted’s art exhibition will be held at the Micaela Gallery in San Francisco, California from May 6 through June 27. For more info, visit the Micaela web site.