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Sneak Preview: Julie Slick’s Debut Solo Album

Julie Slick debut CDBassist Julie Slick (Adrian Belew Power Trio) has just completed her first solo album, the self-titled Julie Slick. The entire CD was recorded in Julie’s studio, and produced and engineered by her as well. The CD will be released on May 11th.

“Most of the album is played on bass, with the help of my GK-3 equipped Lakland Bob Glaub and a Roland VB-99, even the upright bass and a lot of the guitars, synths and organs. I created a lot of interesting guitar and organ patches for it,” Julie shares. ” Everything else is comprised of sequences I created in Logic and tracks sent in by some awesome contributors, including Marco Minnemann, Michael Bernier, André Cholmondeley, Robert Fripp, and Pat Mastelotto, among others.”

“It’s funny… back in January, I was just trying to learn the [Roland VB-99], so I set it up through a guitar rig, and plugged my bass into a looper (the recently reviewed RC-20XL)…” Julie said. “Next thing I knew I was setting up mics and had 14 songs written and tracked by March!”

Julie sent No Treble the CD’s second track to share with our readers. “Many Laughs” (listen) features Julie playing all parts, except for the drums, which are played by “the 8-armed” Marco Minnemann.

The 14-track CD is available for pre-order from Julie’s site and there’s an option to immediately download three of the tunes on the CD.

The line up:

  • Drummers: Eric Slick, Marco Minnemann and Pat Mastelotto
  • Guitarists: Brian Davis, Matt Rothstein, Alex Schmidt, and Jordan Del Rosario
  • Sax: Jon Braun
  • Chapman Stick: Michael Bernier
  • Robert Fripp’s soundscapes samples were also used on multiple tracks

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