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Julie Slick Announces “Bahner / Slick Duo: Live at Slick Sound Studios”

Bahner / Slick Duo: Live at Slick Sound StudiosBassist Julie Slick is set to release her latest album, Bahner / Slick Duo: Live at Slick Sound Studios. The bassist, best known for her work in the Adrian Belew Power Trio, teamed up with drummer Carl Bahner, thanks to an introduction from her mother.

“He’s a local musician who reached out to me after he met my mom (ha),” Slick said. “My mom’s always setting me up with gigs – she’s the one who suggested we jam with Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, and next thing you know, we have PAPER CAT.”

Slick, who runs her own recording studio, once again relies on her Roland VB-99, used heavily on her last album, the self-titled Julie Slick (see our past coverage).

“I recorded it live in my studio and we flew in some live recordings for ‘Aphroditto’ and ‘Kittens Make me Dance.’,” the bassist shares. “I used my Lakland Glaub through a GK MB Fusion>NEO 212 for one channel, and went through a Roland VB-99 into a Fender Twin for the other, just to make the sound that much bigger. I also used my Eventide Pitchfactor a lot… it’s my new favorite toy.”

The album is available for pre-order now from Slick’s website. The bassist is about to hit the road with the Stick Men and Adrian Belew Power Trio.

Preview Live at Slick Sound Studios:

Ready, Set, Exercise! (Sample)

BGBDMLF (sample)

Why is that man wearing nothing but knickerbockers and a jetpack? (sample)

Ready, Set, Exercise! (Full Track):

Live at Slick Sound Studios Track List:

  1. Aphroditto
  2. Ready, Set, Exercise!
  4. Why Is That Man Wearing Nothing But Knickerbockers And A Jetpack?
  5. The Growly One
  6. Wholesome Blues
  7. Kittens Make Me Dance
  8. Dinosaur Fiction

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