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Paul McCartney Breaks Ties With EMI

Paul McCartneyFormer Fab-Four member Paul McCartney has broken his ties with EMI, the record company with which he has been associated for 50 years. Though the Beatles catalog is still in EMI’s control, McCartney has made a licensing deal with Concord Music Group to reissue his solo works, including his albums with Wings and various other projects.

McCartney’s no stranger to Concord, as he released 2007’s Memory Almost Full and 2009’s Good Evening New York City with them. He had been expressing his distaste of EMI over the last couple years, saying that he felt the company “treated acts like furniture.”

Paul’s solo work will be reissued by Concord beginning in August with the re-release of Band on the Run with new packaging and bonus material.

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Emmanuel Dwain Howard

I think Paul is wise enough and always has promoted growth. He always knew when to move and how to win,sometime with help and sometimes none