Noteflight Introduces Crescendo Online Music Notation Software

Noteflight has announced the release of Crescendo, an online music notation software that uses your web browser to help edit, display, and play back music you write as well as share it with others in an online community setting. Crescendo builds upon the already popular and free Noteflight software by introducing tablature support, score templates, lots of new virtual instruments with professional sound quality, and increased storage and sharing capabilities.


“Crescendo is essentially Noteflight 2.0. It’s ideal for dedicated Noteflight users who want to take advantage of everything we have to offer,” said Noteflight CEO and President Joe Berkovitz. “We will continue to support and add features to the free version of Noteflight so that individuals who are new to our concept can easily discover and experience the joy of social music creation.”

Crescendo features over 40 professional orchestral, jazz, and rock instruments so you can score out your music for just about any genre, but one of the new features that will benefit many bassists is the addition of tablature. Available in rhythmic or basic tab formats, users can create their own tablature using the program’s intuitive input process or import XML tab files from tab software and MIDI files into your score and convert it to tablature. Though right now it only features 4 string tab format, the software is evolving and future releases will support alternate tunings and number of strings.

If you are already a Noteflight user you can simply upgrade your account to include the extra benefits of Crescendo. Crescendo is available at Noteflight’s web site, and a full year’s subscription only costs $49.

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  1. Keith Liggins

    I already use Noteflight for bass transcriptions. It is a great site.