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  • Jimmy Haslip Joins Michael Landau, Robben Ford and Gary Novak for New Album

    YellowJackets bassist Jimmy Haslip has teamed up with guitarists Michael Landau and Robben Ford and drummer Gary Novak to release an album under the moniker “Renegade Creation“. The album, released by the Blues Bureau record label, features eight vocal tunes sung by Landau and Ford as well as two instrumental tracks. The group’s music is... »

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  • Reader Spotlight: Mario Sangermano

    Reader Spotlight: Mario Sangermano

    Meet Mario Sangermano, our player in the spotlight for April 27, 2010. Bio: I started playing electric bass at age 11, and he played in many high school neighborhood bands, performing rock and jazz. I studied theory with my grandfather who was a professional violinist in Italy, and later studied Jazz and Commercial Music at... »

  • A Review of Avery Sharpe Trio: Live

    There seems to have been something of a resurgence in the jazz trio recently and Avery Sharpe Trio’s Live is another soulful piano, bass, drums recording with plenty of swinging goodness. Sharpe is familiar to most bassists as McCoy Tyner’s long-term sideman but since 2000, he has been focussing more on his own music. A... »

  • Andrea De Donato: Steel Drum & Bass (Electro Harmonix + Eminence demo)

    Here’s Andrea De Donato playing around with the his Eminence portable bass and the Electro Harmonix micro POG. The results are really cool. »

  • Bass Coalition Announces Summer Workshop and Solo Competition

    The Bass Coalition has announced their first annual Summer Workshop to be hosted at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia on June 24th through the 26th. Included in the workshop events is the live round of the Bass Coalition Solo Competition, in which the first place winner receives a prize of $1000, thanks to sponsor Shank... »

  • Bootsy Collins Releases Funk 101 Pilot

    Bootsy Collins has released a pilot video to promote a new documentary series called “Funk 101”. The video includes Bootsy and other funk masters talking about the legacy of the funk genre and its impact on society. He also released a teaser for Funk University, which begins enrollment this week. Classes begin on July 1.... »

  • Rhythm Series: Improving Rhythmic Accuracy by Subdividing

    Rhythmic Accuracy Last time we talked about one of the major physical components rhythm: feeling the beat internally. However, for the performer there are two components to rhythm, physical and mental. Accurate execution of musical rhythm requires the cultivation of both aspects. One important mental element needed to precisely perform rhythms is active subdivision. Subdividing... »

  • Bass Gig: Norwegian Cruise Lines Electric Bass Openings

    Norwegian Cruise Lines has a couple of electric bass openings for mid-summer into the fall. If you’re a solid sight reader and can work through the fall, this might be the gig for you. Norwegian Cruise Lines provides food, lodging, travel to and from the ship, and complete healthcare while onboard in addition to a... »

  • Gary Willis: The Chicken

    Gary Willis: The Chicken

    Here’s another great video of Gary Willis performing during a 2006 clinic in Rotterdam. This time, he’s playing the Pee Wee Ellis tune, “The Chicken”, popularized of course by Jaco Pastorius. »

  • Rewind: The Week’s Most Popular Features (April 18-24, 2010)

    Here are the top 10 most popular features on No Treble last week, as determined by you! 1. Video: Leo Fender and the History of the Electric Bass Check out Davey4557’s short but amazing video on the history of the electric bass and Leo Fender. 2. Gear Review: Gear Review: Boss RC-20XL Loop Station Our... »