Jeff Bradetich Releases “Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge”

Double Bass: The Ultimate ChallengeDouble Bass: The Ultimate Challenge, Jeff Bradetich’s long anticipated book on Pedagogy and Performance for the double bass, has been released.

This 12 chapter books covers a wide scope including specific focus on the right and left hands, intonation, bow strokes, pizzicato techniques, standing vs. sitting, fingering concepts, harmonics, vibrato and practice methods.

Bradetich has a very distinguished career, including recitals at Carnegie Hall, over 450 concerts on 4 continents, he has been featured on CBS, CNN, BBC, CBC and NPR, and co-founded Music For All To Hear, Inc., the first company to record music especially arranged and acoustically prepared for the hard of hearing. The Ultimate Challenge comes with some pretty heavy endorsement.

Rufus Reid says, “This is one of the most important books of the last fifty years. It should be in every university and conservatory library, every teacher of the double bass should read it, and double bassists of every level will find confirmation of their strengths and lots of answers for their questions.”

Check out this video interview by bassist Jason Heath for a better look inside the book:

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