Reader Spotlight: Sean Scales

Sean ScalesMeet Sean Scales, our bassist in the spotlight for May 25, 2010.


Professional gigs include orchestra bassist for Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise lines, Bassist for the Osmond Brothers, professional summer stock theatre at Arrow Rock Lyceum theatre. Gig experience includes jazz combo, big band, blues, rock, latin american, country and original music. Play both upright and electric bass.


St. Louis, Missouri

Day gig:

Educational Representative for a music store working with music educators and school music programs. Among renting band and orchestra instruments and facilitating instrument repair and purchases I also help promote special clinics and events throughout the area.

Years experience:

21 years

Bands & Gigs:

I currently play for a 10 piece classic rock band in St. Louis, Nonstop Rock. We play music by Chicago, Steely Dan and an array of classic rock classics. We play weddings, concerts and bars. I also still do jazz combos and big band gigs on nights when the classic rock band isn’t playing.


  • ’74 Fender P-Bass
  • Fender Jazz 5 string (American)
  • Geddy Lee re-issue Jazz bass (just love the neck on that thing)
  • ’54 Key upright
  • Multiple amps
  • Line 6 Boss Pod Live XT

Why I play the bass:

Initially I was turned on to the bass by listening to melodic and active bass players like Geddy Lee and Paul McCartney would made the bass line something more than just rolling eighth notes. I was also playing keyboard bass in the high school jazz band and said, “Why don’t I just play the real thing?” So I bought one, and the rest is history.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

My only claim to fame is some of the celebrities I’ve performed with: The Osmond Brothers, John Davidson, Fred Travalina… Just a steady player who has got to play with some great musicians (both known and not known).

My influences

Geddy Lee, Paul McCartney, Sting, Jaco, Victor Wooten among bassists. Influenced by all types of music and have picked up so much from so many other bass players who are not famous . . but kick ass players.

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