Best of 2018: The Top 10 Bass Reader Spotlights

Ever since we published our first Reader Spotlight in August 2009, it has been our favorite feature here. It is a chance to share the stories of our favorite people, who play our favorite instrument. We’ve now featured 433 of you.

Continuing our “Best of 2018” series, here are the 10 most popular Reader Spotlights we published this year.

If we haven’t shared your story yet, I invite you to reach out and share your story with us.

Reader Spotlight: Hernan Gordon

1. Hernan Gordon

Meet Hernan Gordon, a bassist living in Argentina who first caught the bug thanks to Sid Vicious, and later started following the work of Jaco Pastorius…

Reader Spotlight: Steve Burke

2. Steve Burke

Meet Steve Burke, who grew up around lots of musical instruments, taking him on the path from drums to guitar to bass. It was in high school when he started focusing more on bass…

Reader Spotlight: Paul Rogalski

3. Paul Rogalski

Paul Rogalski is a busy bassist and educator living in Longmont, Colorado, which is interesting, considering he made his way to Colorado (after Berklee) to slow things down a bit…

Reader Spotlight: Jonathan Alvear

4. Jonathan Alvear

Meet Jonathan Alvear, a student of bass who also spends his time outside of school as a studio and solo bassist…

Reader Spotlight: Michael Hamer

5. Michael Hamer

Michael Hamer grew up in a house full of music. That, plus the fact that his parents bought him a bass and amp for Christmas when he was 14 set him off on a life-long musical journey…

Reader Spotlight: Roey Haviv

6. Roey Haviv

Meet Roey Haviv, who keeps busy teaching and playing in Charlotte, NC. Roey has quite the collection of gear, including some basses with both interesting stories and unique features…

Reader Spotlight: Lawrence Haber

7. Lawrence Haber

Meet Lawrence Haber, a bassist who performs on electric and upright professionally, and studied privately with Joe Macaro, Gerald Veasley, and John JD DeServio…

Reader Spotlight: Chris Davison

8. Chris Davison

Meet Chris Davison, a bassist who got his start at the age of 10, thanks to his parents who bought him a Fender Precision for Christmas…

Reader Spotlight: John W Lauler

9. John W Lauler

Meet John W Lauler, who has an interesting tale in his path to picking up the bass (more on that in the feature). John stays busy in the Chicago music scene, performing a range of styles almost every night…

Reader Spotlight: Birch Pereira

10. Birch Pereira

Meet Birch Pereira, a bassist (actually multi-instrumentalist) who stays busy with a life dedicated to music…

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