Uriah Duffy: Human Nature Solo Bass Version

Here’s Whitesnake/Lyrics Born bassist, Uriah Duffy, working on a bass arrangement of Michael Jackson’s song “Human Nature”. Evidently, this isn’t the finished version, but it sounds great so far!

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  1. Bravo,Uriah! You nailed it!

  2. Jason

    I WILL be learning that!…Very nice.

  3. chef ernesto

    well what do you know!!!!!

    flamingo bass. go on with your bad self brotha!!!!!

    don’t you do me that way. very, very nice.

  4. Uriah is the man… I ran into him at the NAMM show and he joined me for a jam at the Spectraflex cables booth… We played his arrangement of Human Nature… Not only can he play, but he is a really nice guy. Check out the vid of us playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5As4TwsF_w

  5. BnsRod

    clever how you captured some of the nuances of the notes.
    good job!

  6. Josh Way

    sick! was just listening to this song at the gym and thinking how much I always loved it.

  7. Fantastic, nothing else to say!

  8. Sounds lovely, it’s going to stick in my head now.

  9. super nice playing! love it man. just awesome!

  10. Loved it! Very inspiring.

  11. I loved the “hall effect” on his bass sounds really good! love the style of play also!

  12. Excellence, give the man another gig !

  13. Holy WOW! Great job, sir.

  14. Wow WOw WOW! what a seamless integration of techniques! Loved the reverb… added a nice texture and helped the percussion pop.

  15. Ivan Sabev Ivanov

    The song is written by Steve Porcaro of Toto, but Uriah is having his magic bass touch as always……Cudos……????