Adam Clayton Sues U2 Financial Mastermind

Adam ClaytonU2’s Adam Clayton is beginning another legal battle, only months after accusing his assistant of stealing millions of dollars. Now the bassist is suing his band’s “financial controller,” Gaby Smyth, for alleged negligence. Clayton lodged papers against Smyth on June 4th, and though not all of the details are clear, the claim is in reference to investments made on the bass player’s behalf and professional advice that was offered to him.

Gaby Smyth is thought to be the brains behind moving the group’s publishing operation from Ireland to Holland in order to avoid Ireland’s higher taxes. The move caused heavy criticism, especially in light of lead singer Bono’s anti-poverty campaign.

The lawsuit marks another issue in the growing list of problems for U2, who are also dealing with “musical tensions” and Bono’s back injuries.

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