Help Kickstart Tri-Fi’s New Album

Tri-FiJazz trio Tri-Fi, featuring bassist and Scott Lafaro expert Phil Palombi, have announced that they are in the process of creating a new album. The CD will be their third album, following up on 2007’s Postcards.

To fund the project, they have created a Kickstarter account, which asks for donations in return for gifts, ranging anywhere from a digital download of the album to a private concert by the group. The donations work as pledges, so if the project goal of $6000 is not met your account will not be charged.

“Basically, we have set a goal of raising $6000 to fund this recording, but it’s an “all or nothing at all” service,” Palombi stated. “If enough people jump on board with support and help us reach our goal, we get the money. If we fall short, then we get nothing and nobody gets charged. It’s a fun and exciting way to support a band.”

Visit Tri-Fi’s Kickstarter page to donate, or check their music on the Tri-Fi site.

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