Gear Watch: EMG X Series Pickup Sets for Jazz Bass

EMG X Series Pickup Sets for Jazz BassEMG has released Jazz bass versions of their X series pickups: the JX, JAX, and JVX sets. The brand’s X-Series is made to provide increased headroom, giving the voicing an organic and open tone while keeping great clarity and response. EMG describes them as “bridging the gap between passive and active tone.”

The JX retains the jazz bass tone while adding tight mid-range punch and high-end response as well as boasting a very low noise to signal ratio. The JAX set is based off of the company’s original J pickup, though the J features a ceramic magnet. It provides an open and warm tone, giving a vintage feel. The JVX set also gives a retro feel, with its traditional pole-pieces and low noise preamp.

All of the sets feature EMG’s Solderless Install System. Visit EMG’s website for more info.

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