EMG Unveils Les Claypool Signature Pickups, Adds Finishes to Trujillo Signature Pickups

EMG Les Claypool Signature “Pachyderm Gold” Pickup

EMG has expanded their line of artist series pickup sets with the Les Claypool “Pachyderm Gold” pickup. The Primus bassist’s signature model is based on the company’s PA pickups and is housed in a brushed gold cover.

“The Les Claypool ‘Pachyderm Gold’ PA is a standard 4-string P-bass pickup size and utilizes Alnico 5 magnets,” EMG writes. “Short, squat coils give this P Pickup a warm and rich tone without any unwanted noise so you can rumble like a southbound pachyderm headed for the seas of cheese.”

The set includes a solderless wiring kit containing the pots and components for a classic P-bass setup. EMG has also updated Robert Trujillo’s signature Rip Tide J pickups with three new metal finishes: Brushed Black, Chrome, Chrome, and Brushed Chrome.

Check out this awesome announcement video by Claypool, which is a Spaghetti Western short featuring Trujillo. They also throw down in a two-bass jam at the end.

The EMG Les Claypool “Pachyderm Gold” Pickup will be available for $149, while Trujillo’s Rip Tide set starts at $219.

EMG Les Claypool Signature “Pachyderm Gold” Pickup Features:

Based on EMG PA Pickup
Brushed Gold Finish
Includes Solderless Install System

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  1. Piotr Nowara

    Imagine a bass with both those pickups… and this is probably best bass gear “ad” ever!

  2. Kevin MacDonald

    Too much Bassiosity to handle with this duo of monsters.I have used EMGs both Ps and Js for years.I have a pair of buckers in my Spector and I recently built a P bass using Geezers.Love the no solder feature.The tone keeps me coming back.