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Fingersmoran: Bass In Yo Face

Shawn Moran, aka Fingersmoran, titled this tune “Bass In Yo Face”, and appropriately so because that’s exactly what it is!

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MAN!!!! AWESOME!! You know… I’m an old StarCraft fan and am waiting for the new release of Starcraft II and this sounds SO MUCH like an UPDATED version of the sound track from the original Starcraft. I’m also an ‘old’ bass player but have never had the pleasure of playing a six string bass – but I was originally schooled in classical guitar and your emulation of classical technique and phrasing is EXCELLENT! Screw the 5 string… I’m saving now for a 6!! Want to play like you did in this clip!! In the meantime I’ll make my 4 string work and continue to work on the flamenco strum… THANKS for the inspiration!!