Gear Watch: AweSome B-35 Bass Guitar

AweSome B-35 Bass Guitar

AweSome Musical Instruments has unveiled their line of B-35 bass guitars. Available as a 4 or 5-string, the bass features three J-style pickups with six switches as part of their TW-35 Patented Pickup Switching System. After a little math, it adds up to 35 different pickup tones. The passive pickups are switched between on and off, in-phase and reverse-phase, and series or parallel connections to give you more options than you can shake a stick at.

AweSome B-35 Bass Guitar switchesTheir TW-35 system is also available as a separate item so you can modify your own bass, whether it has 2 or 3 pickups. Dropping in the system on a 2-pickup bass will provide six pickup tones.

The B-354 and B-355 are available in left or right-handed models, and retail for $1,599. For more details, visit the AweSome Musical Instruments website.

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