Detroit Bass Fest 2010 Lineup Announced

Detroit Bass Fest 2010Details for this year’s Detroit Bass Fest have been revealed, and it looks like it will be another great day of bass. The event has been set for September 3 at Bert’s Warehouse Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.

Laying down the low-end will be Gerald Veasley, Ralphe Armstrong, Anthony Wellington, and Doug Johns.

The performers will also be clinicians in workshops to further bass education. Though the event is all ages, special attention will be given to youth to ensure they get a close experience. A statement on their website explains, “Because of cutbacks to music programs, many times events like the Detroit Bass Fest are not available to the youth, the Detroit Bass Fest is dedicated to using music as a catalyst to the education of students who have been traditionally under-served by the public schools, under-represented in higher education and deprived of opportunities that could enable them to realize rich and productive lives.”

For more info, visit the Detroit Bass Fest 2010 website.

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  1. Detroit Bass Fest 2010 Lineup Announced: Details for this year’s Detroit Bass Fest have been revealed, and it look…
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  2. This is not the first time I wished I were in Detroit!