John Entwistle: “Summertime Blues” Live Isolated Bass

This is cool… John Entwistle‘s isolated bass track of “Summertime Blues” (with just a touch of vocals spilling over into the bass channel).

This is from Live At Leeds by The Who.

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  1. I’d been inspired by The Ox as a beginning bassist. Subsequently, I’d studied his played to some degree in the last few years. What I’ve come to learn about him is how awesome a player he was, and the reason why. Entwistle didn’t have many tricks up his sleeve, but those that he had were executed with precision. And then there was his sound – gritty as hell. I remember a quote of his from a Guitar Player article from long ago in which he stated that he always used ‘clean strings’ because he was going after a tone that was ‘as clean as piano strings’. That must be why, although his sound was a bit on the high side of overdriven, it sounds so clean.
    My only disappointment with John is that he is gone. Drug use and over indulgence often comes hand in hand with a touring life, which is a shame. I never had the pleasure of seeing/hearing him live.
    Let him inspire you, too!

  2. RomeR

    He`s playing whit pick here right ? :D

  3. Woulloux

    Best bass player ever !