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Soloing For Bass

Soloing for Bass (A Contemporary Approach to Improvising in Any Style)Hal Leonard and Musicians Institute Press have released a new bass method book focusing on the art of soloing.

Soloing for Bass (A Contemporary Approach to Improvising in Any Style) by Dominik Hauser, is a book/CD combo that features solo exercises, theory discussion and play-along tracks.

The method covers major scale modes, melodic minor scale modes, harmonic minor scale modes, symmetrical scales, modal interchange, key-center playing, scale substitutions, superimposition, and more. The book also focuses on learning to play chords to enhance the ability to hear progressions, improve composition and arranging and strengthen soloing chops.

The CD includes 76 demo tracks, covering all the exercises in the book.

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Dominik Hauser was my fretboard teacher when I went to MI, he taught me to play chord extensions, and lydian dom.