Gear Watch: A/DA Reissue Flanger

A/DA Reissue FlangerA/DA has released their Reissue Flanger, which is a throwback to their original pedal that began shipping in 1980.

The pedal retains the same Sweep Range, Speed, Enhance, Manual delay range, Even/Odd harmonics switch, and Threshold controls as the original, but now includes True-Bypass switching.

The chassis, featuring heavy-duty casting and a cold-rolled steel bottom cover plate, was even created from the original engineering drawings made by designer David Tarnowski in 1978. The company did, however, switch to Panasonic BBDs, which are the analog delay components. The originals featured Reticon BBDs that are scarce.

The A/DA Reissue Flanger lists for $349. Fore more info, visit the A/DA website.

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